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Take your idea beyond national boundaries and seize your full business potential.

Global trade is easier than ever. Thanks to the Internet and modern technology, no business is too small to tap into foreign markets. All that stands between you and your international customers is someone who can help you speak their language.

Reach new audiences and expand your brand awareness in the fast growing German market – one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world. With more than a decade of experience, IMC Translations will connect you with new customers in Germany, increase trust and conversions, and maximize your ROI.

IMC Translations specializes in creative translations that sound like original copy composed in the foreign or target language. I translate your press releases, marketing materials, web copy, social media posts and other brand collateral into German, ensuring that the translation resonates with your target audiences.

English - German Translation

Find your brand’s international tone of voice and engage your target audience with German translations that really speak to them. IMC Translations specializes in translating marketing and public relations collateral, web copy, blogs and social media content, business information, presentations and reports.

Adaptation & Copywriting

Do you have highly creative or branded content? In that case, conceptual translations (transcreation) or even a complete re-write in the target language will be necessary to create the desired emotional appeal. IMC Translations will help you find the right words and develop your international brand personality.

International SEO Strategy

Translating your website is only the first step. To increase traffic and therefore conversions, you need to optimize your content for your target country’s local audience. A localized search user experience includes using the right keywords and phrases and being culturally aware.