Every translation is different. A four-page business letter may be translated faster than a four-word marketing slogan.

A marketing translator is also a copywriter, providing you with customized solutions to help you communicate your message to your target market. Therefore, I cannot provide a one-size-fits-all, standard rate. Please take a look at my rate sheet for an overview of my fees.

To prepare an accurate quote for you, I will need to know the purpose of your translation, your target audience, and other relevant information such as the format of the source document. Once we have established the framework of your translation needs during a free email, phone or Skype consultation, I will prepare a detailed, non-binding quote for you at no charge. My final fee includes not only my 5-step translation process but also any revisions that might be required within a specified time period. You will always know up front how much your translation is going to cost.


My Quality Promise
My goal is to ensure my clients are 100% satisfied with every translation. Therefore, I apply a strict, 5-step internal QA process, which consists of translating, setting the draft translation aside for a while, editing the translation against the source, doing a proof, and then a final QA step before delivery. In some cases, I may recommend sending the translation to a trusted colleague for review.

This process will certainly take longer than a simple translation. However, it guarantees fewer errors and will protect you from having to correct mistakes later – which can be both embarrassing and costly.

I accept payment via PayPal, wire transfer, direct deposit, and check drawn on a major U.S. bank. Advance payment, in full or in part, is required for new clients. For repeat clients, my payment term is Net 30.


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  1. Integrated MarCom Translations guarantees complete confidentiality regarding the client’s personal and/or business information.
  2. At the beginning of the cooperation between Integrated MarCom Translations and the client, Integrated MarCom Translations will issue a free, non-binding quote for the client. No project work will be started until the client has approved the quote in writing and the signed quote has been received.
  3. Repeat clients do not need to sign a new price quote for each project; instead, approval of the price quote via email shall constitute a binding contract.
  4. Integrated MarCom Translations shall return the translation by the agreed deadline. Integrated MarCom Translations shall notify the client immediately if unforeseen circumstances might prevent a timely delivery.
  5. Please be advised that personal document translations and translation projects for new clients will require pre-payment. For invoices up to $300, pre-payment is expected in full. For invoices exceeding $300, a percentage of the total invoice will be billed in advance.
  6. Otherwise, payment is required within 30 days from the date of invoice. Any invoices not paid within 30 days may be subject to penalties. Payment may be made via PayPal, wire transfer, direct deposit or U.S. check.
  7. The client shall notify Integrated MarCom Translations of any requested corrections or changes within 15 days. Integrated MarCom Translations shall correct, at no cost to the client, any errors made by Integrated MarCom Translations within this time frame.
  8. The client agrees to indemnify and hold Integrated MarCom Translations harmless from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred as a result of the work performed by Integrated MarCom Translations. Within the limits of the law, all claims will be limited to the amount of the invoice.
  9. Integrated MarCom Translations retains the copyright to all translations until all invoices pertaining to such translations have been paid in full.
  10. Should the client cancel or withdraw the assignment prior to its completion, Integrated MarCom Translations must be compensated for the percentage of total services performed.
  11. If the client is not satisfied with the final product, Integrated MarCom Translations must be given an opportunity to correct the translation before payment terms or rates are changed.
  12. Integrated MarCom Translations shall have no responsibility whatsoever as to any changes to the translation made by a third party.