Do you have news you would like to announce but don’t know how to write a catchy press release? Or would you like give native advertising a try but aren’t sure how to write a proper journalistic article? Maybe you need a blog post or compelling copy for your website. I can help! All you need to do is provide me with the basic details, and I will transfer your information into the desired format – in German or English.

As a fully bilingual, trained and experienced journalist, I am in the perfect position to help you write engaging copy that will resonate with your readers. After earning my BA in journalism from the University of Nebraska, I worked as a staff writer for the Omaha World-Herald for four years and then as a freelance contributor for several German- and English-language publications.

Call or email me to discuss how I can help you spread the word about the work you do!

I prepare your

  • Press releases

  • Native ads

  • Blog posts

  • Brand journalism content

  • Website copy