In order to ensure a seamless communication across language barriers, I apply my knowledge of integrated marketing communications to my translation process. That’s how I developed the 4 C’s of Integrated Marketing Translation. For my clients, this means peace of mind, higher quality translations and more successful results.


Consistency: For an effective integrated marketing approach, all of your promotional tools should be coordinated to project a consistent, unified image of your brand. I research your existing marketing materials and make sure my translations match your marketing strategy when it comes to tone, style and terminology.

Cross-cultural analysis: Germans and Americans have different values. Sometimes, their cultural background has to be taken into consideration during the translation process, and slight changes to your copy may be necessary. I will point out areas of concern and use my copywriting skills to come up with alternative ways to get your message across.

Creativity: The literal translation is not always the best one. Idiomatic expressions, cultural references and metaphors can present challenges when it comes to transferring them to another language. Using a process called transcreation, I make sure I find the right words and phrases to make your texts come to live in the target language.

Collaboration: I work with you, not for you, to make sure translation becomes an integral part of your marketing communications process. I will ask you questions along the way and listen to your concerns. I guarantee that my final translation will be something you will proudly consider a part of your marketing kit.