Why should you hire me to translate your communications materials into German? Here are just a few of the benefits you will get by putting your trust in my translation services.

I can help you reach more customers by increasing your inbound traffic.

Consider this finding from a 2014 study by the research firm Common Sense Advisory: 75% of consumers in non-Anglophone countries in Europe, Asia and South America prefer to buy products in their native language. By offering a German translation of your website and other marketing materials such as your brochures, newsletters or blog contents, you can significantly increase your chances of being found by these potential customers. This means more sales for you, promising a significant return on investment over time.

I ensure a consistent marketing strategy across cultural and linguistic barriers.

The unique combination of my marketing and media expertise with bilingualism/biculturalism allows me to create compelling copy that preserves the flow of the original text and conveys your message with the same finesse as the source language. I focus on creating a synergy between my translations and your overall communications strategy. This result: quality translations that resonate with their audience and are consistent with the existing marketing materials in my clients’ portfolios.

I offer close client relationships.

The buck stops with me. As your only point of contact, I will get to know your project and your marketing needs inside and out and work closely with you to ensure every translation portrays your business the way you want it to be perceived. This also means complete confidentiality for you, so you won’t have to worry about your sensitive business materials being outsourced to anonymous translators.

I strive for 100% client satisfaction.
Since founding my translation business in 2006, I have helped numerous clients expand and promote their businesses in German-speaking markets. This includes one of the world’s largest hotel chains and an internationally renowned interior design firm. With my education and experience in the areas of journalism and marketing, I have the industry insight to compose texts that speak to your audience. My clients are consistently impressed with my translations and keep coming back for my services. Visit my testimonials page to read their reviews.